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Mind the Gap

It sounds like the Olympics this summer are going to be an amazing event. The British do know how to put on a show… While I was looking for photos of the stadium, I came across this proposal for an installation in Trafalgar square. I am almost certain this design was not chosen to be … Continue reading »

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Giant Windchimes

This is Chimecco; a huge set of windchimes. One of the first decorating things that I did the last time I moved was to rehang my windchimes. I love hearing them chime in the breeze, it is just so peaceful. It is one of the things that makes my new house feel like home. Part … Continue reading »

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A Body in Motion

I love the Olympics. The pure athleticism, the patriotic spirit; the peaceful games are one of the best things that we do as modern humans. I have been watching the trials this week, and we are in for an amazing summer games. I can’t wait. These sculptures are by Peter Jansen. They really do capture … Continue reading »

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Illuminated Verticals

When I was little the airport was a magical place. My first visit was to pick up my grandma after she visited the Kansas City relatives. I don’t remember my brother being there so I am guessing I was about 3 or 4. We got there early and waited for her at the gate. It … Continue reading »

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Motion and Mechanics

A few years ago I designed a Rube Goldberg machine as part of a stage play. It was huge with lots of spinning bicycle wheels. One of my inspirations for the spinning components was the work of kinetic sculptor David C. Roy. I stopped by his site this week and what do you know, he … Continue reading »

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Finding Glasses

I wore glasses for 21 years. I needed them to see anything. Contacts were not a viable option. Without the glasses I could only see shapes, light and color – no detail at all. If I dropped them on the floor, I could not see to pick them up and had to find them by … Continue reading »

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Climbing Trees

A few days ago I sat in the park by LACMA reading a book and watching a few kids try to climb a tree. What they lacked in dexterity and experience was made up in enthusiasm. Their parents hovered ’round, arms stretched up, ready to catch or to lend a steadying hand. When I sat … Continue reading »

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A Collection

Growing up, my grandmother had a huge printer’s box on the wall of her dining room. It was full of interesting bits and trinkets that she had collected. Pretty much every piece had a story to go with it. It was a great visual memory box. I have a collector’s spirit, in that I have … Continue reading »

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A Room of Rainbows

I am fascinated by Victorian glass palaces. This is Palacio de Cristal (the crystal palace) in Madrid, Spain. It is now used as a temporary exhibition space. Artist Kimsooja added iridescent film to every window and mirrors over the floor. Sometimes the simplest effect is the most stunning. all images from Kimsooja’s website

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Bits of Debris

I am blessed to be able to look at the world and see possibilities where others only see junk. However, I stand in awe of the eyes that look at the recycle bin and see this: Aurora Robson takes discarded plastics (bottles, caps, bags, cups) and creates lovely, ethereal sculptures. Her finished work looks nothing … Continue reading »

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