A Collection

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Growing up, my grandmother had a huge printer’s box on the wall of her dining room. It was full of interesting bits and trinkets that she had collected. Pretty much every piece had a story to go with it. It was a great visual memory box.

I have a collector’s spirit, in that I have a hard time letting go of anything that looks cool. I am actually really careful about what I let into my home, because once it’s here, my inclination is to hang onto it. The great thing about these boxes is that rather than hidden away in some drawer, you can display and see the memorabilia.

Lynne Parks makes these ‘assemblages’ from found objects. It is very much in the same spirit as my grandmother’s printer’s box.

I love the doll eyes that she has placed in many of the boxes – they look like they are peering out of the murk.


My favorite part is the juxtapositions of everyday objects and antiques. When you treat scraps with reverence it redefines what has value.


All images from Lynn Parks’ website

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