Posted by on June 8, 2012

I like birds just fine from a distance. Flying in Vs across the autumn sky, that looks nice and wintery; pooping all over everything, not so picturesque. They are not loveable up close, beady eyes and all. I never understood the bird-as-a-graphic-element mania that gripped young women a few years ago.

I also know quite a few serious gardeners, and birds eating the fruit before it is really ripe and ready to be harvested is a constant source of irritation. Which is maybe why I find this sculpture so darn funny.

This is Fluid by Claire Morgan. She often works with natural elements suspended in unusual ways.


From her artist statement:

“My work is about our relationship with the rest of nature, explored through notions of change, the passing of time, and the transience of everything around us. For me, creating seemingly solid structures or forms from thousands of individually suspended elements has a direct relation with my experience of these forces. There is a sense of fragility and a lack of solidity that carries through all the sculptures. I feel as if they are somewhere between movement and stillness, and thus in possession of a certain energy.”

By the way, all those strawberries are real, so by the end of the exhibit they were in various stages of decay. Imagine the heady, sweet smell that must have been.


All images from Claire Morgan’s website. She has lots of other awesome sculptures – go look.

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