Finding Glasses

Posted by on June 20, 2012

I wore glasses for 21 years. I needed them to see anything. Contacts were not a viable option. Without the glasses I could only see shapes, light and color – no detail at all. If I dropped them on the floor, I could not see to pick them up and had to find them by touch.

I got laser eye surgery (not Lasik) a few years ago, and now I romp through the ocean waves with a light heart. It’s pretty great.

Still. Glasses were part of my identity for so long. I still think of myself as a girl with glasses.

I think this piece by the Russian street artist P183 is hilarious. He made it last winter in Moscow. It looks so lighthearted and spontaneous.

The kids sledding off to the side look pretty fun too.

photos from here and here

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  1. melissa blake

    That’s amazing!