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The hardest thing I have ever had to build was a railing for a curved staircase. The compound curve was simply beyond me. It was in the early days of the internet so there were no online tutorials, but honestly they all seem to call for tools I didn’t have anyway. I ended up renting … Continue reading »

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Where the Meadows Shimmer

I was a teenager the first time I saw fireflies. They are not common on the plains of Colorado, but one summer in a little valley, my dad found a small group of them. It was akin to seeing the ocean for the first time, something you had heard about all your life but have … Continue reading »

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Speical Relationship

When I was about ten my mother told me that “every man has at least one expensive hobby.” For many men this is playing golf, or rebuilding cars. Some men gamble, some collect things like Star Wars action figures, or baseball cards. After her first statement, she thought for a moment and paused, “well except … Continue reading »

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I like birds just fine from a distance. Flying in Vs across the autumn sky, that looks nice and wintery; pooping all over everything, not so picturesque. They are not loveable up close, beady eyes and all. I never understood the bird-as-a-graphic-element mania that gripped young women a few years ago. I also know quite … Continue reading »

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The Shape of the Wind

Growing up on the prairie the wind was like a sister: a constant companion, sometimes mean and cold, sometimes gentle and refreshing, most of the time just there. Kids play outside, when the wind blows all the time, you just get used to it. This piece, Windshape, was a temporary or “ephemeral structure” at the … Continue reading »

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Living in LA, my car is like a second home. In a busy workweek I can spend more waking hours in my car than in my apartment. Generally I love to drive. I like going where I need to go yes, but I do love the journey more. At the same time, I hate a … Continue reading »

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When Visiting the Museum…

I have been thinking a lot about museum design these days. Museums have the regrettable reputation as cold, almost sinister, places where you will certainly get yelled at by a mean guard if you get too close to anything. This is not entirely unwarranted, (my parents and I had a bad time with an overzealous … Continue reading »

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About Memories

Memory is such a tricky thing. I have what is widely considered to be a “very good” memory. I remember details of events years ago, but it is so selective. I have a hard time with names, not faces, but names. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between an authentic memory and something … Continue reading »

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