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My grandmother had a jar full of buttons, and I loved playing with it. It was not so much a jar as a fancy lidded serving dish that she had separated from the china and kept on top of her dresser. I would pour them out on the floor and start by separating them into … Continue reading »

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Yarn Sun

Very few things make me more excited than everyday materials used in unconventional ways. This is Letting Go at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts by street artist hot+tea. It is yarn. Guests at the museum were encouraged to lay down on the floor and look up into the strands of yarn hanging from the … Continue reading »

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Awesome Water Toys

I love the water. I love swimming in it, looking at it, and especially playing in and around it. When I was a teenager I thought I had lost the ability to frolic in the water. I thought that swim training as hard as I did somehow sucked the fun out of being in the … Continue reading »

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This installation How I Roll, in Central Park has been getting a lot of attention. It is pretty cool. The airplane slowly rotates around on it’s wings, the work itself is great, but the chain-link fencing seems like an afterthought. It is by Paola Pivi and will be on display all summer as part of … Continue reading »

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