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My grandmother had a jar full of buttons, and I loved playing with it. It was not so much a jar as a fancy lidded serving dish that she had separated from the china and kept on top of her dresser. I would pour them out on the floor and start by separating them into colors, then types of buttons within the colors, and then I would use them to make elaborate geometric patterns. Sometimes I would follow the patterns in the rug, sometimes not. Those buttons were old, most were made from shell or wood or metal, not plastic. They seemed special to me, sacred.

It is amazing how many hours of fun we could have with the button jar.

I now own that jar full of buttons, it sits on an end table in my house, but I can’t remember the last time I sifted through it. I should pour it out one of these evenings…

I got started thinking about buttons because of the amazing work of Korean artist Ran Hwang.

She creates these amazing images using pins and buttons. Thousands and thousands of pins and buttons.

The mind boggles.

The patience that it must take to create something on this scale from such small items is hard to fathom. That is dedication.

I love how the buttons are “falling” off the corner of this one – like petals.


Images from Ran Hwang’s website

and the Leila Heller Gallery website

via This is Colossal

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