Posted by on July 11, 2012

This installation How I Roll, in Central Park has been getting a lot of attention. It is pretty cool.

The airplane slowly rotates around on it’s wings, the work itself is great, but the chain-link fencing seems like an afterthought. It is by Paola Pivi and will be on display all summer as part of the Public Art Fund.

It made me think of my favorite airplane installation from a few years ago.

This is Harriet and Jaguar by Fiona Banner at the Tate Britain in 2010.

This is a static installation, but because the viewers could get right underneath the airplane it was dynamic. Also the sheer size of an airplane is much more apparent in a building. We are used to seeing planes outside, seeing one inside is a huge perspective shift.

How I Roll images from here

Harriet and Jaguar images from here

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