Yarn Sun

Posted by on July 17, 2012

Very few things make me more excited than everyday materials used in unconventional ways.

This is Letting Go at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts by street artist hot+tea. It is yarn.

Guests at the museum were encouraged to lay down on the floor and look up into the strands of yarn hanging from the top of the rotunda.

From the museum’s description “Looking at letting go from the second floor, one sees thousands of individual strands, a streaky volume that creates a gently disorienting vibration of color that fills the rotunda’s void.”

I like that – gently disorienting. It reminds me of waking up from a nap, or those first few moments after leaving a matinee when the sun is still shinning, but it seems like it should be much later.

This is beautiful work, the whole is so much more than its components.


All images from the MIA website

via designboom

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