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In July, I had a moment of insanity where I was more than halfway serious about going to the Olympics. I looked at plane tickets and then looked at event tickets and hotel rooms and and and… I got really excited for a while. My reasoning was that the British know how to put on … Continue reading »

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A short history of my experiences with fireworks… Age 8 – I watch the town’s 4th of July firework display with a friend and her family. I am the only one who stays out on the blanket by herself watching. All the other girls retreat to the car and the protective arms of sympathetic adults. … Continue reading »

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Rainbow Streets

Recently two awesome art installations caught my eye for their great use of the “fifth wall” (the ceiling). This umbrella installation was in Ɓgueda, Portugal and is a part of an art festival called Agitagueda. It just feels so happy and summery. Then on the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia, Nike Savvas … Continue reading »

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Synchronized Swimming from a New Perspective

One of the reasons that I love looking at ceilings is the shift in perspective. We spend so much time looking down, only a little time looking forward or around and almost no time looking up. It expands the mind when you force it to see the same room from a new angle. Some person … Continue reading »

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Ebb and Flood

Growing up as I did, at least 1,000 miles in any direction from the ocean, I still find tides to be quite mysterious and almost magical. Where is this mythical “sea level” if the water level changes by 25 feet or so in an 18 hour period? It makes me dizzy to think that the … Continue reading »

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Petals of Fire

I have said before that I think the Olympics are the best thing that we do as modern citizens of the world. I tear up when I think about it. As much money as may change hands during the games, they are not really about money. As much patriotism as is stirred up by the … Continue reading »

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