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In July, I had a moment of insanity where I was more than halfway serious about going to the Olympics. I looked at plane tickets and then looked at event tickets and hotel rooms and and and… I got really excited for a while. My reasoning was that the British know how to put on an event; this is probably going to be remembered as one of the best games of my lifetime (afterward I still think this is the case). Then reality set in, and I went to Nashville for work instead. So, I spent about a million hours watching on TV, and wishing.

In all my excitement about the Olympic events and the areas and so forth, I missed the well designed pavilions that were apparently scattered about London. This is the Coca-Cola Beatbox.

It is a little complicated, but the idea seems to be that the large rectangular pieces act as giant drums.  As people walk up the central spiral they somehow activate the sound making properties of the building. Most reviews were a little lack luster, but it sure does look cool.

Night and a reflective surface seem to make it look its best. I appreciate a limited color palate and the desire to push a brand beyond the style guide (and a brand’s willingness to be pushed).

On the inside there is a “bar” where you can get yourself a free Coke.

The spherical “bubbles” respond to crowd noises by changing from red to white and opening up. They are meant to represent the carbonation bubbles in a glass of Coke.

Just one more thing I wish I could have visited in London this year. Sigh.


interior video here (feels like a commercial)

exterior photos from here

interior photos from here and here

via Domus

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