Posted by on September 24, 2012

Growing up we had a multi-tiered crystal chandelier hanging over the dining room table. It was a huge production to clean it in November so that it would sparkle through the holidays. Rather, it seemed a huge production to me at the time, but it was probably only the work of a half hour. Funny how, in memory, childhood chores take on a magnitude grater than they were. Once clean, it was a beautiful sight.

These photos of a very different crystal chandelier reminded me of the one from my growing up years.

This is Chilean Red, by sculptor Donald Lipski, it hangs at Kathryn Hall Vineyards in Rutherford, California.

According to the artist’s website “the piece recalls the rugged and gnarled surfaces of grape vines.” The crystals hang from the suspended “roots” of the structure.

I love the play of the refined crystals and the free, organic structure. It is lovely.


photos from Donald Lipski’s website, My Modern Met, and Kathryn Hall Vineyards

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