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Rainbow Nest

As humans, we become connoisseurs of whatever is important to us at the time. As a teenager I was a 7-11 connoisseur. I was extremely picky about the consistency of my slurpees (I might still be pretty picky about that). In my 20s there was a period when I would only draw with a specific type … Continue reading »

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Working as a art director I am on studio lots quite a bit. I often recognize actors and musicians as we go about our respective jobs. One of the hardest things to get used to is remembering how I know someone when I recognize them. I (of course) don’t have this problem with really famous … Continue reading »

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Golden Moon

When I was working as the technical director at a high school we did a play called Windshook. In the play the actors reference the moon, so we needed to have something for them to point at. Now, most productions probably just bought a moon gobo, pointed a light at the cyc and called it … Continue reading »

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Remembering Kidhood

I am blessed with a good memory for past events. I may not be able to remember the names of half the people I just met at a cocktail party, but I can talk for hours telling stories from third grade (or any year). My best friend jokes that we have to stay friends because … Continue reading »

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Lighting the Space

I come from a family that purchases all home furnishings at estate auctions. For a long time I didn’t understand furniture stores, (I simply didn’t know anyone who had ever bought furniture that was less than 50 years old).  That means that most of my furniture has been purchased outside. The only problem with this … Continue reading »

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Yesterday’s Media Hits and Today’s Detritus

This is pretty fabulous on both an aesthetic level and as commentary on consumer purchasing trends. It’s thousands of discarded CDs sculpted into a vortex. Leticia R. Bajuyo has made a couple of these pieces. These photos are from Event Horizon and Dual Wielding, both exhibited this summer. I love how polished they look from the front … Continue reading »

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170,000 Pink Spheres

meanwhile in Montreal… Claude Cormier and his team installed thousands and thousands of pink balls over a pedestrian street this summer. There were three different sizes and five shades of pink in the installation that was 1.2km long. It reminds me of these great street installations from earlier this summer. It looks so cheerful and … Continue reading »

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