Golden Moon

Posted by on October 21, 2012

When I was working as the technical director at a high school we did a play called Windshook. In the play the actors reference the moon, so we needed to have something for them to point at. Now, most productions probably just bought a moon gobo, pointed a light at the cyc and called it a day.

We were not most productions.

We decided to build a geodesic dome and cover it with translucent fabric. This might have been more successful if we had looked at any geodesic dome plans or even a photograph. We just cut a lot of pencil rod the same length and started welding… It was a very misshapen moon.

It was a good idea, we just floundered in the execution.

Along that same train of thought…

This is the Golden Moon Pavilion at Mid-Autumn Festival at Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland in Hong Kong. It was perfectly executed.

It is actually the exact same idea we had all those years ago – a moon made of a geodesic dome covered with fabric – but on a much grander scale.

This is the work of LEAD (The Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design) a Hong Kong & Antwerp based architectural design firm; specifically by architects Kristof Crolla and Adam Fingrut.

The dome itself is a steel structure that was then wrapped in bamboo and finally covered with kite shaped pieces of fabric. The festival celebrates the moon at its fullest and the structure is meant to evoke both the moon and a Chinese lantern.

The color is a reference to the legend of Chang’e, the Moon Goddess of Immortality. From the press packet:

“According to the romantic story Chang’e lives on the moon, away from her husband Houyi who lives on earth. The couple can only meet on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival when the moon is at its fullest and most beautiful. To symbolize the passionate love burning between the reunited couple that day, the 6-storey-high, spherical moon lantern is clad with abstracted flames in fiery colors and patterns.”

However, there are LED lights on each of the fabric pieces, so at night the moon lantern can be any color of the rainbow. During the day, the true colors show.

It is beautiful and such a great marriage of industrial (the steel dome) traditional structures (the bamboo wrapping).


All photos from the LEAD website

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