Lighting the Space

Posted by on October 17, 2012

I come from a family that purchases all home furnishings at estate auctions. For a long time I didn’t understand furniture stores, (I simply didn’t know anyone who had ever bought furniture that was less than 50 years old).  That means that most of my furniture has been purchased outside.

The only problem with this method, is that it is hard to gauge just how big something is without context. That’s how I ended up with a chandelier that is wider than my dining room table.

I started thinking about interior lighting outside after seeing this amazing photo series by Rune Guneriussen. His work is all about playing with context.

Mr. Guneriussen photographs several different kinds of (usually) interior items (like chairs, lamps and books) in pastoral scenes in rural Norway. He thinks of this work as less photography and more sculpture and installation, it is about story and space and time.

My favorites are the lamps.

The context juxtaposition is so beautiful.

All images from Rune Guneriussen’s website

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