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The Experience of Movement

My cousin had a trampoline when I was a kid, and I loved jumping for hours and hours. I could never do a full flip, but he could – and did, frequently. My family lived in a town about 4 hours away from my cousin’s family, so jumping on the tramp was a holiday activity. … Continue reading »

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Wide World of Web

This week on the Wide World of Web: for the discerning male Man of the World a fairy-tale bridge This cool company makes shoes from upcycled plastic bags The People’s Movement Antonia is blogging again! and the people rejoiced! Folded paper illustrations Movie star by day, Nazi-fighter by night Traveling to Peru with four kids under … Continue reading »

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Stitching Lines

In the many hundreds (thousands??) of hours that I have spent in front of a sewing machine I have always been trying to make bits of fabric stick together. Sometimes the fabric is in a crazy configuration, sometimes it is just a hem. Most of the time, the fewer stitches, the better. Perhaps I could … Continue reading »

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Half the Air in Cleveland

So this looks like lots of fun: Work No. 965. Half the Air in a Given Space by Martin Creed at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It is pretty much what it sounds like. The room is halfway filled with bright purple balloons and visitors are encouraged to walk around inside the room and “swim” … Continue reading »

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Wide World of Web

This week on the Wide World of Web: London’s Hidden Architecture A community creation BLOOM The Rose Parade’s arty cousin A Fairy swing for the little sprites in your life… And while you are in the backyard, why nap in a hammock when you could sleep in a sphere Globejotting in Burma (Myanmar) a country … Continue reading »

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Saturday Sketch

Florida Street is one of the oldest and most important streets in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It started as a footpath up from the river, was the first street to be paved (cobbled) in the city, and since 1971 is a pedestrian zone. I love this sketch by Norberto Dorantes. He managed to capture the feeling … Continue reading »

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A Clear View

I have never driven across the US/Canada border. I have either flown or ridden on a car ferry. Apparently if I had drive across from Washington I would have seen this:  “Non-Sign II” is a permanent installation at the Land Port of Entry in Blaine, Washington. It the work of Lead Pencil Studio, a Seattle … Continue reading »

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Occupation: Mourner of Dreams

What do you do when you can’t do what you have spent your whole life training to do? Very few of us get to be the gold medalist, the star dancer, the best of the best. In a physically demanding field your career can be over at any moment. A career ending injury means you … Continue reading »

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Eyes Up

When I travel, one of the best things I do to make myself feel more connected to the local culture is to attend a church service. Sometimes I seek out an English service, but more often I go to a service the local language. That way I get  to worship in a historical building. It … Continue reading »

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Red Jello, Blue Jello

I may have mentioned my love of jello before… I serve jello at every dinner party I host. It is just so tasty, everyone loves it. When art and jello combine, it is pretty magical. So in celebration of election day I was pleased to find: “Jello Presidents” How awesome is this! Henry Hargreaves cast … Continue reading »

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