A Clear View

Posted by on November 9, 2012

I have never driven across the US/Canada border. I have either flown or ridden on a car ferry. Apparently if I had drive across from Washington I would have seen this:

 “Non-Sign II” is a permanent installation at the Land Port of Entry in Blaine, Washington.

It the work of Lead Pencil Studio, a Seattle based studio. Specifically, artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo.

The idea is to frame the space. Rather than an advertisement this is a non billboard, framing the sky.

I love how delicate the edges are.

All images from DesignBoom

There is video of the installation process here

Lead Pencil Studio Website

One Response to A Clear View

  1. Jon

    This is fantastic, I love to see these kind of public works.

    I saw something similar (in spirit at least) in a house in the UK, where the windows were deliberately divided into small spaces rather than the typical single large panes to create a series of miniature framed scenes looking out onto ‘nothing’.