Posted by on November 5, 2012

We ground creatures are fascinated with the idea of flight. The possibility of escaping the bonds of gravity.

Even though modern flight is a business, there is still a romance about it. We know that humans don’t belong in the realm of the clouds. So when we visit, it seems a bit magical.

This series of installations by S. Astrid Bin is called “1,000 Means of Escape.” She installed 1,000 paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Like a flock flock of birds, but inside.

I like the idea that any one of these folded pieces of paper offers the means to an escape.

This series reminds me of one of my favorite bits of the airport in Denver, an instillation called “Experimental Aviation.”

When you exit the subway train at the main terminal these over-sized paper airplanes guide you up the escalators and into the great hall. It’s by Patty Ortiz, and it is lovely.


“1,000 Means of Escape” photos from S. Astrid Bin’s website

“Experimental Aviation” first photo from here, others from here

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