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Posted by on November 7, 2012

When I travel, one of the best things I do to make myself feel more connected to the local culture is to attend a church service. Sometimes I seek out an English service, but more often I go to a service the local language. That way I get  to worship in a historical building. It is wonderful to see a cathedral being used as it was intended, rather than as simply a tourist destination. One of my favorite Christmas Eve services I have ever been to was in a small town in Austria. There was an incredibly enthusiastic violin quartet and a chandelier with at least 200 real candles flickering under the dome.

However, I have rarely gone to a local service when I travel within the US. I suppose I don’t feel the same impulse to connect with local culture.

Obviously I have been missing out on some fabulous church buildings:

This series is by Richard Silver, and all these church buildings are in New York City.

He takes about six to ten photographs starting at the back of the nave and continuing to the apse. He then stitches them together using the panorama mode in Photoshop.

This is such an awesome way to capture the feeling of being in an amazing church building. I actually feel a little vertigo as I scroll down the image and what was down becomes up.

The differences between building is surprising. I don’t really think about how every church building is decorated differently inside. There are a few things most every church building has, but within that framework there is room for infinite variations.

Kind of like the people who make up The Church.


All images from Richard Silver’s Behance page

via My Modern Met

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