Occupation: Mourner of Dreams

Posted by on November 8, 2012

What do you do when you can’t do what you have spent your whole life training to do?

Very few of us get to be the gold medalist, the star dancer, the best of the best. In a physically demanding field your career can be over at any moment. A career ending injury means you have to leave the world you have given your life to be a part of.

Ingrid Endel suffered a knee injury found herself unable to be a professional dancer. She turned to self portrait photography as a creative outlet, and after about a year, began to incorporate dance into her images.

In her artist’s statement she writes: “I like to tell stories and take people on journeys. The unusual, the unspoken, movement, and the possibilities of the human body are just a few of my inspirations.”

Being able to incorporate dancing into this new work must be satisfying on some level, but in her Flickr profile she lists her occupation as Mourner of Dreams.

How long do you mourn a dream that will never come true? Does mourning that dream take something away from the joy of whatever you turn to next?

Her images are beautiful. I would hate to think that the artist sees her work as somehow “less than” only because this was not her first dream.


All images from Ingrid Endel’s Flickr page and her entry for Art Takes Miami

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