Red Jello, Blue Jello

Posted by on November 6, 2012

I may have mentioned my love of jello before… I serve jello at every dinner party I host. It is just so tasty, everyone loves it.

When art and jello combine, it is pretty magical. So in celebration of election day I was pleased to find:

“Jello Presidents”

How awesome is this! Henry Hargreaves cast the profile of every president in red and blue jello.

The major color in each portrait refers to the political leaning of that president. It is easy to define recent years, but he had to make more muddled configurations for the early Federalist and Whig presidents.

He made one term presidents face to the left and two term presidents face to the right, and splattered jello around the head indicates that that man was assassinated in office.

Each individual portrait is pared with the president’s dates and assorted biographical information about that head of state. The facts range from Thomas Jefferson’s self-authored epitaph, which failed to mention his role as president, to Jimmy Carter’s UFO sighting.

In looking at the process photos, it is clear that these portraits are much larger than I first realized.

Photos from Henry Hargreaves website here

process photos from Flavorwire

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