Stitching Lines

Posted by on November 15, 2012

In the many hundreds (thousands??) of hours that I have spent in front of a sewing machine I have always been trying to make bits of fabric stick together. Sometimes the fabric is in a crazy configuration, sometimes it is just a hem. Most of the time, the fewer stitches, the better. Perhaps I could be classified as fabric-centric. For me, the thread is only a byproduct of the process.

Amanda McCavour uses her sewing machine in a completely different way. She draws with stitches on a fabric that dissolves in water. When the fabric is gone only the thread remains. She makes the drawing dense enough so that the stitching can hold together once the fabric base has disappeared.

She has made several installations, including a whole living room, but my favorite is called Scribble.

The color of thread gradates from orange to yellow to green.

She was inspired by spirograph drawings and cut paper snowflakes – the idea was to make a three dimensional scribble. Each one is so intricate – a little artwork in itself.

She did this particular work as part of her residency at Spark Box Studio.

Amanda McCavour at work

“Scribbles” with fabric base still intact

I love seeing old techniques applied in new ways.


artwork images from Amanda McCavour’s website

last two images from Spark Box Studio

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  1. Sarah

    These are gorgeous! I thought of spirographs right away.