5,000 Plates

Posted by on December 12, 2012

My favorite part of “The Holiday Season” is sharing food with people you don’t get to see very often. Extended family, your downstairs neighbors, those people who work in the next office… During December our inhibitions are lowered enough that anyone is up for a Christmas cookie or a leftover turkey sandwich…

With all those people coming over for all that eating and drinking, it is also the time of year to pull out all the extra plates. I have been very blessed with dishes. As the only granddaughter of a woman who liked to entertain I have more than my share of dish sets, and I also have several “orphan” plates. Sometimes plates have just magically appeared in the cupboard, don’t know where, or when or why, but there they are. Sometimes it is the last plate from a set, all it’s mates are broken. Regardless I, like many people, own several plates that don’t match anything else, and so they don’t get used.

The folks at Mooz also had some extra plates and noticed that their friends did too. They solicited orphan plate donations, and constructed this Christmas tree in the Belgian city of Hasselt. They only used white plates and tea cups, either solid white or with blue or gold accents.

The hope is that it will foster a sense of fellowship in a couple of ways. First, there is some community buy-in, because they used local recycled plates, but there is also that idea of sharing food over the Christmas season. From the project description:

“with any luck, [the tree] will regularly bring inhabitants, visitors and shopkeepers together over the Christmas period over a drink or a friendly chat!”

They call it ‘Taste Tree’ and is is over 9 meters tall – I think it is pretty fabulous.

I can’t find information on how it was constructed (it must weigh a ton), but I love how it glows from within at night.

Not only is this tree a decoration constructed from recycled materials, but after it comes down on January 6th the porcelain will be broken and the pieces used in a mosaic.

all images from Design Boom

by designers Inge Vanluyd and Stefan Vanbergen of Mooz

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