Painting with Denim

Posted by on January 8, 2013

I wear jeans about 99% of my waking time. Working, out to dinner, church… the only significant time I spend in other pants is when I am working out. I love my jeans – durable, flattering, and depending on the cut, appropriate for most any event in southern California.

Since about 1999 I have been saving my old denim jeans, and I have asked my family to save theirs as well. The idea is that one day I will make a denim rag rug. I am not exactly sure how I will do this. I don’t want to braid it, and I can’t imagine there will be a loom involved. Maybe some sort of crochet technique? With strips of cloth and a huge crochet hook? I don’t know – but it will happen. It’s #30 on the life list.

Denimu 1

Because this project has been in the development phase for over a decade, we have collected a lot (really a lot) of denim. When my parents moved house this fall they moved a few really heavy boxes labeled “Sarah’s fabric.” I might have heard it mentioned a time or two over Christmas.

It’s probably time to get on that. Or at least time to figure out the technique.

Denimu 2

I started thinking about that back burner project because of these awesome images by Denimu.

Denimu 3

These are scenes that have been created entirely from recycled denim. British artist Ian Berry takes weeks to painstakingly construct each image with the right shades of fabric.

Denimu 4

I am blown away by the sheer awesomeness on display here.

Denimu 5

Denimu 7

Denimu 8

Denimu 9

Denimu 10

The work could turn a little crafty – kind of like quilting – but it feels very far from that to me. It has something to do with the urban scenes that Berry has chosen to depict.

All images from the Denimu website.

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  1. amy h

    Your project reminds me of this.

  2. amy h

    And check out this video at the bottom of the page of them making it!