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Posted by on January 6, 2013

Raw and Wild - Alison Johnson

This week on the Wide World of Web:

Yeah, pretty much everyone I know (or would care to know) would love a secret passage bookshelf.

I am not usually all that excited about end of the year lists, but this one: 50 Wonderful Things From the Year in Pop Culture, is indeed wonderful.

This interview with Lois Lowry is #35 and it made me cry, a lot. “She realized that day that she could talk to kids or she could talk to adults, but not to both: ‘And so I chose the kids.’ ”

After years of listening to his stand-up, I finally saw Mike Birbiglia’s  Sleepwalk with Me – I was pleasantly surprised to see it also stars Lauren Ambrose, it is both hilarious and touching.

Small people or big world?

Cheers to all the crunchy moms!

Every month I don’t know how the photos could get any better and then they do.

Film locations revisited.

How to build a Rainbow Igloo.

Along those same lines: Ice palaces and larger-than-life animals at The Snow World Festival.

Netflix always suggests the Ballet Documentaries to me (I do love them) and First Position is the best one I have ever seen. Among others, it stars Michaela DePrince, a Sierra Leone war orphan turned dancer, battling racism in the ballet world.


Painting by Allison Johnson buy it here – there is lots more awesome work on her website.

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