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Carpet Party

I say it again and again and again. Repetition and organization can make anything into art. I can even express it like as an equation R+O= ART.  You have a lot of plastic cups? Arrange them thoughtfully and bam – art! Pretty awesome art actually. So, with that in mind Suzan Drummen has upped the … Continue reading »

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As It Grows

The human figure (especially the face) is pretty sacred to us humans. We see faces in inanimate objects everywhere. An easy way that sci-fi movies indicate a space alien is to alter the face or head of a human.  So I am always fascinated when artists take on the human figure and change it in … Continue reading »

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The Burned Bits

Are all children fascinated by fire and burning things? Yes? Or are there some children who are scared of fire? Actually as I write this I can think of a couple of my friends’ kids who are scared of fire. I had no such preservative fear. On the contrary, I was (am) always trying to … Continue reading »

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The Barriers We Construct

In my last year of grad school I had the pleasure of designing the set for a play called Venus. It’s about a South African woman who was exhibited in a side-show setting, in England and France, in the early 19th century. We were interested in constructing different cages and framing devices (she was technically … Continue reading »

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