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Posted by on March 29, 2014

The human figure (especially the face) is pretty sacred to us humans. We see faces in inanimate objects everywhere. An easy way that sci-fi movies indicate a space alien is to alter the face or head of a human.  So I am always fascinated when artists take on the human figure and change it in odd and interesting ways.

aganetha dyck 1

These figurines are the work of Aganetha Dyck (and her honeybees)

aganetha dyck 3

I love the juxtaposition of the frilly, fussy porcelain and the raw, natural wax. It does look otherworldly, alien.

aganetha dyck 2

This work is called The MMasked Ball - She has an exhibition open now at The Ottawa School of Art titled Honeybee Alterations.

aganetha dyck 4 In a similar vein sculptor Morgan Herrin has merged natural rock and coral formations with human figures.

Morgan Herrin 2

I think is is kind of great how much the coral looks like honeycomb in this one!

Morgan Herrin 1Aganetha Dyck’s website

Morgan Herrin’s website

all photos are from the artists’ websites

via Colossal and Booooooom

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