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Posted by on March 31, 2014

I say it again and again and again. Repetition and organization can make anything into art. I can even express it like as an equation R+O= ART.  You have a lot of plastic cups? Arrange them thoughtfully and bam – art!

Pretty awesome art actually.

Museum Valkhof 1So, with that in mind Suzan Drummen has upped the ante in the organization department.

Museum Valkhof 2She works not in paint or stone, but in bright circles of color and mirror. In most of her installations the components are just sitting there, loose on the floor.

2012 amstelveel 1

2012 amstelveel 2I love how each circle is quite different when you get up close, but from a bit of distance they look very similar.

CBK Emmen 2

CBK Emmen 1

From her artist statement:

“The works are a playful investigation of space, illusion, optical effects and other visual phenomena as part of a broad exploration of visual perception and the limits of beauty.

The installations for example, are made from crystal, chrome-plated metal, precious stones, mirrors and optical glass. From a distance they appear clear and orderly, yet upon closer inspection, the eyes become disoriented by the many details and visual stimuli. That moment, of being able to take it all in or not, is explored, time and time again.

The visual perception is challenged, requisitioned and intensified.”

Gallery Maurits The Hague 1photo by Eric de Vries

Tentoonstelling Kus Heerlen 2 These last two images really highlight the visual cacophony the viewer experiences when close to the work – it is intense!

Tentoonstelling Kus Heerlen 1


all images from Suzan Drummen’s website


Via Artboom

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