The Burned Bits

Posted by on March 27, 2014

Are all children fascinated by fire and burning things? Yes? Or are there some children who are scared of fire? Actually as I write this I can think of a couple of my friends’ kids who are scared of fire. I had no such preservative fear. On the contrary, I was (am) always trying to get closer to the fire. There was an unfortunate incident with a bonfire that melted the bottoms of my boots because I was too close…

myriam dion 1This fascination helps explain why I love welding. At one point, my job title was actually just “welder.”

When you are melting steel together there are these tiny pieces of molten metal that get thrown from the weld. They usually land on the wooden surface you are working on, or on your leather gloves and apron, and they leave little burn marks in the surfaces they land on.

myriam dion 4This work, For Small Fires, by Myriam Dion is inspired by the art and craft of ornamental blacksmithing.  She took a large photograph of a storefront facade (formerly La Forge Cadieux – a blacksmith’s workshop) and burned tiny holes in intricate patterns into the photo paper.

myriam dion 3

myriam dion 2

The burns define the silhouettes of decorative wrought iron. She sees this work as a homage to the to the traditional, painstaking, manual techniques that need to be passed from person to person in order for the knowledge to survive. When the places such work is done are destroyed or allowed to fall into ruin, the heritage of the craft is allowed to disappear as well.

myriam dion 5

myriam dion 7I love how the delicate, lacy effect from far away turns into burn and ruin up close.

myriam dion 6

all photos from Myriam Dion’s website

via My Modern Met

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