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I do so love to travel to new places, to old places, I really just love getting out of town. Even traveling for business (although that is way less fun).

Every time I land at LAX I just want to get back on another plane. It probably doesn’t help that the arrivals areas at LAX are so dank with low ceilings and they always smell like exhaust. I have written about/ranted about this before… The LAX passenger pickup lanes are my fifth circle of hell (aka Wrath – everyone is always angry, including me).

Elevate 1

On the other hand, the departures areas at LAX are generally lovely, and lots of them have new artwork installed. This work, Elevate by Joyce Dallal, is displayed in the terminal 3 departures atrium, on either side of the escalators. I pass it when I fly Frontier Airlines on my way to visit friends in Denver.

Elevate 2The hundreds of paper airplanes are printed with excerpts from the third and fourth Geneva Conventions as well as text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These documents, these accumulations of words, are simultaneously powerful and fragile. The ideas that they represent are lofty. Without people standing behind them and defending them they are useless.

Elevate 3These paper planes spiral up and around, like a flock of birds, like a formation of soldiers.

Elevate 4

Elevate 6They also reference the ancient Japanese legend that says whoever folds one thousand origami cranes will have wishes granted, luck, and long life.

And isn’t that why we travel? For wishes granted. For long lives. For full, lucky lives.


All Photos from Joyce Dallal’s Facebook page

Photos by PanicStudio LA

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