A Grove of Lights

Posted by on January 19, 2015

LEDscape 9Portuguese studio Like Architects created a this temporary installation using components from Ikea.

So, this is basically a huge Ikea hack.

LEDscape 1At night, they lit up with varying and changing intensities, pulsing to different rhythms. The idea was to invite passersby to stroll along the path, through the grove.

I certainly would have!

LEDscape 2I kind of love how the lamps are not perfectly straight. I think we have all had that experience with an inexpensive lamp that you have to lean in to a corner to keep it from looking like it is falling.

LEDscape 3

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked to create something like this (light bulb on a stick) for a play or music event. For sure more than twice! I always end up going to the hardware store to buy components.

Now that I know the Ikea hack there is no stopping me ;)

LEDscape 4

And hello Sarah’s personal theme?

Repetition + Organization = ART

LEDscape 5 LEDscape 6 LEDscape 7 LEDscape 8

All images from the LIKE Architects website

Via Yellow Trace and domus

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