I’m Sarah, a designer.  I have a MFA in scenic design for theater.  Now I work in TV as an art director.  Eventually I will be a production designer, but for now I choose doorknobs, measure locations and do all kinds of little things that make a set look real.  I live in Los Angeles, where I read a lot, eat a lot, laugh a lot.  I like to have parties.  Basically, I have more interests than I have time.

I strive to bring more joy and beauty into the world.

Design Flourishes is my design journal. It is part art blog and part personal blog. I write about and share art that moves me, which tends to be sculpture and installations. I love fun, unexpected art and I avoid intimidating art that takes itself too seriously.

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  1. Alice Almighty

    I loved your posts about the bioluminescent water and the slides. I have wanted a slide in my house for years, but never really got the ‘go ahead’. Thanks for visiting over at Bohemian Hellhole, I really enjoyed reading through your blog too!

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