Cool Hunting

A Grove of Lights

Portuguese studio Like Architects created a this temporary installation using components from Ikea. So, this is basically a huge Ikea hack. At night, they lit up with varying and changing intensities, pulsing to different rhythms. The idea was to invite passersby to stroll along the path, through the grove. I certainly would have! I kind … Continue reading »

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Carpet Party

I say it again and again and again. Repetition and organization can make anything into art. I can even express it like as an equation R+O= ART.  You have a lot of plastic cups? Arrange them thoughtfully and bam – art! Pretty awesome art actually. So, with that in mind Suzan Drummen has upped the … Continue reading »

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The Burned Bits

Are all children fascinated by fire and burning things? Yes? Or are there some children who are scared of fire? Actually as I write this I can think of a couple of my friends’ kids who are scared of fire. I had no such preservative fear. On the contrary, I was (am) always trying to … Continue reading »

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The Barriers We Construct

In my last year of grad school I had the pleasure of designing the set for a play called Venus. It’s about a South African woman who was exhibited in a side-show setting, in England and France, in the early 19th century. We were interested in constructing different cages and framing devices (she was technically … Continue reading »

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Spiraled Double Helix Balloon Sculpture

So this is awesome: This is the work of New York artist Jason Hackenwerth at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The sculpture took over 10,000 balloons, six days to construct and it is breathtaking. It represents the artist’s interpretation of the legend of Aphrodite and Eros and the double helix structure hangs over 40 feet … Continue reading »

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Is there anything more satisfying than using your finger to write your name on a polished surface covered with thick dust, and then wiping wiping it clean? I think not. Dust is everywhere, most of the time it is a nuisance, but sometimes it is beautiful. This amazing dust art is the work of Oscar … Continue reading »

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Painting with Denim

I wear jeans about 99% of my waking time. Working, out to dinner, church… the only significant time I spend in other pants is when I am working out. I love my jeans – durable, flattering, and depending on the cut, appropriate for most any event in southern California. Since about 1999 I have been … Continue reading »

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Wide World of Web

This week on the Wide World of Web: Yeah, pretty much everyone I know (or would care to know) would love a secret passage bookshelf. I am not usually all that excited about end of the year lists, but this one: 50 Wonderful Things From the Year in Pop Culture, is indeed wonderful. This interview … Continue reading »

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Maximalism Fantasy

It’s that time of year again – Christmas time in LA.  White twinkle lights festoon the palm trees, candy canes hide in the bird of paradise ground cover. It looks odd. So, I look at the Bergdorf Goodman windows in New York and sigh. Christmas is a cold weather holiday, and they do winter with … Continue reading »

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5,000 Plates

My favorite part of “The Holiday Season” is sharing food with people you don’t get to see very often. Extended family, your downstairs neighbors, those people who work in the next office… During December our inhibitions are lowered enough that anyone is up for a Christmas cookie or a leftover turkey sandwich… With all those … Continue reading »

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