Cool Hunting

Rainbow Streets

Recently two awesome art installations caught my eye for their great use of the “fifth wall” (the ceiling). This umbrella installation was in Ɓgueda, Portugal and is a part of an art festival called Agitagueda. It just feels so happy and summery. Then on the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia, Nike Savvas … Continue reading »

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Synchronized Swimming from a New Perspective

One of the reasons that I love looking at ceilings is the shift in perspective. We spend so much time looking down, only a little time looking forward or around and almost no time looking up. It expands the mind when you force it to see the same room from a new angle. Some person … Continue reading »

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My grandmother had a jar full of buttons, and I loved playing with it. It was not so much a jar as a fancy lidded serving dish that she had separated from the china and kept on top of her dresser. I would pour them out on the floor and start by separating them into … Continue reading »

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Awesome Water Toys

I love the water. I love swimming in it, looking at it, and especially playing in and around it. When I was a teenager I thought I had lost the ability to frolic in the water. I thought that swim training as hard as I did somehow sucked the fun out of being in the … Continue reading »

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Mind the Gap

It sounds like the Olympics this summer are going to be an amazing event. The British do know how to put on a show… While I was looking for photos of the stadium, I came across this proposal for an installation in Trafalgar square. I am almost certain this design was not chosen to be … Continue reading »

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Motion and Mechanics

A few years ago I designed a Rube Goldberg machine as part of a stage play. It was huge with lots of spinning bicycle wheels. One of my inspirations for the spinning components was the work of kinetic sculptor David C. Roy. I stopped by his site this week and what do you know, he … Continue reading »

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Finding Glasses

I wore glasses for 21 years. I needed them to see anything. Contacts were not a viable option. Without the glasses I could only see shapes, light and color – no detail at all. If I dropped them on the floor, I could not see to pick them up and had to find them by … Continue reading »

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Where the Meadows Shimmer

I was a teenager the first time I saw fireflies. They are not common on the plains of Colorado, but one summer in a little valley, my dad found a small group of them. It was akin to seeing the ocean for the first time, something you had heard about all your life but have … Continue reading »

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I absolutely love the idea of walking down the street and seeing a building that is under attack by giant green tentacles. This is the work of street artist Filthy Luker. He challenges the viewer to see the world in a new way. It is amazing how happy these make me. all images from Filthy … Continue reading »

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Light Bulbs for Mother’s Day

I am about a week late with this, but when I saw this installation, I thought of my mom. She knows why. This is the ceiling of a store, covered with light bulbs. Curtsey of Jan Takahashi. Awesome store display has really taken off in the last few years. Only a few are electrified, but … Continue reading »

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