Space Folding in on Itself

I live in Los Angeles these days, but I still consider myself “from” the country. This city is huge and yet, in my day to day life, it doesn’t really feel all that big.  LA is an odd city in that even though it is big, in both geography and population, it is not all … Continue reading »

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Creating Beauty

There is a difference in finding beauty in mundane objects and creating beauty from items that are not inherently beautiful. Both require an discerning eye, but creating requires seeing the potential in ordinary objects to be beautiful if arranged correctly, and then doing the actual arranging – the creating. This is a series of installations … Continue reading »

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A Mountain of Books

Sometimes I come across something so perfect that there is not much more to say than Wow. This is Book Mountain, a library in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. It was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV. On their website they talk about what the role of libraries is in our current world. Their design seeks to … Continue reading »

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Golden Moon

When I was working as the technical director at a high school we did a play called Windshook. In the play the actors reference the moon, so we needed to have something for them to point at. Now, most productions probably just bought a moon gobo, pointed a light at the cyc and called it … Continue reading »

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Growing up we had a multi-tiered crystal chandelier hanging over the dining room table. It was a huge production to clean it in November so that it would sparkle through the holidays. Rather, it seemed a huge production to me at the time, but it was probably only the work of a half hour. Funny … Continue reading »

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As if it Grew There

While I was pursuing the coverage of the Venice Architecture Biennale, I was struck by this piece, Arum, from Zaha Hadid Architects. It manages to look like both an organic form, and wholly man-made at the same time. It reminds me very much of my favorite gas station. I don’t always by my fuel here, … Continue reading »

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In July, I had a moment of insanity where I was more than halfway serious about going to the Olympics. I looked at plane tickets and then looked at event tickets and hotel rooms and and and… I got really excited for a while. My reasoning was that the British know how to put on … Continue reading »

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Petals of Fire

I have said before that I think the Olympics are the best thing that we do as modern citizens of the world. I tear up when I think about it. As much money as may change hands during the games, they are not really about money. As much patriotism as is stirred up by the … Continue reading »

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Mind the Gap

It sounds like the Olympics this summer are going to be an amazing event. The British do know how to put on a show… While I was looking for photos of the stadium, I came across this proposal for an installation in Trafalgar square. I am almost certain this design was not chosen to be … Continue reading »

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Motion and Mechanics

A few years ago I designed a Rube Goldberg machine as part of a stage play. It was huge with lots of spinning bicycle wheels. One of my inspirations for the spinning components was the work of kinetic sculptor David C. Roy. I stopped by his site this week and what do you know, he … Continue reading »

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