I like birds just fine from a distance. Flying in Vs across the autumn sky, that looks nice and wintery; pooping all over everything, not so picturesque. They are not loveable up close, beady eyes and all. I never understood the bird-as-a-graphic-element mania that gripped young women a few years ago. I also know quite … Continue reading »

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Nailing Jello to the Wall

I moved to California and started grad school the week before my birthday.  Because I didn’t have any friends yet, I orchestrated my own birthday celebration. Basically, one day in class I announced where and when I would be having dinner and asked/begged people to show up. I figured I couldn’t count on anyone bringing … Continue reading »

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Turkey Feathers

In honor of Thanksgiving, a uniquely American holiday…  Here is a uniquely American story from a magazine that is an American institution. Presenting, a whole wedding party dressed in Turkey feathers! From the LIFE archives: “In 1947, designer Barbara Orr Ehrhart demonstrated her love of turkey not just by having it for dinner at her … Continue reading »

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Eating Fall

I have just started reading Sweet Paul Magazine online.  It is pretty much perfect, the styling, the photos, the variety of articles; everything is very well done.  Often online magazines don’t feel as curated as their print counterparts.  This one is SO well curated that I am forever left wanting more (that is a good … Continue reading »

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Cake and Champagne

Sunday was the baby shower – I co-hosted with the mom-to-be’s mother in law.  We got along well and had a great time, but I don’t think we are the best party-throwing partners.  We both think that it would be the worst thing in the world if there is not enough food (seriously this is … Continue reading »

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The Best Tea in All the Land

Bird Pick Tea has become one of my favorite places.  I went this weekend to stock up as I was running low on some of my favorites. They are serious about the tea, but not in an intimidating or snobby way.  You are encouraged to walk around their pretty store and smell the different varieties … Continue reading »

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Outstanding Under a Tent

In June I had the great pleasure of attending an Outstanding in the Field dinner. This was a Christmas present that we had to wait to enjoy.  I have been wanting to go to one of these dinners for about two years.                   We drove to Lompoc, … Continue reading »

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