My parents bought a movie theater when I was in second grade and just recently sold it.  It was one-screen, one-movie-a-week, no-movie-on-Wednesday-or-Thursday. So, a pretty small operation, especially compared to the 15-plexes that are common in urban and suburban areas. We were in an extremely rural, sparsely populated area. “Going to the Show” was for … Continue reading »

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The Davids are Gone

For years, whenever anyone comes to visit me I have taken them by the House of David.  That is, Norwood Young’s house.  He had over twenty small replica statues of Michelangelo’s David lining his mansion’s driveway.  It was wonderfully tacky. He put them up in the fall of 1996, the neighbors were not impressed.  It … Continue reading »

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Cake and Champagne

Sunday was the baby shower – I co-hosted with the mom-to-be’s mother in law.  We got along well and had a great time, but I don’t think we are the best party-throwing partners.  We both think that it would be the worst thing in the world if there is not enough food (seriously this is … Continue reading »

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balloons vs lanterns

This weekend is all baby shower all the time. I am making a baby-boy-blue layer cake tonight.  Then I’m stewing beef for shredded beef taco salad tomorrow, and making knox blox jello; along with picking up the helium tank for balloons, and running to Target for baby Price is Right game supplies. I would love … Continue reading »

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The Moth

The human condition is fascinating.  I love stories.  Listening to stories, telling stories.  I don’t think this makes me special, on the contrary, it is pretty much universal.  It is fun to sit in the dark and listen to a good story. Last night I went to The Moth Storyslam.  It was a good show … Continue reading »

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Beach Day

One of the great adjustments to adulthood is the lack of a fall indicator.  Work just continues.  There is no going back to school to mark the end of the summer.  In a way (in California at least) this is nice because I can pretend it is summer well into October.  (I was talking with … Continue reading »

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Outstanding Under a Tent

In June I had the great pleasure of attending an Outstanding in the Field dinner. This was a Christmas present that we had to wait to enjoy.  I have been wanting to go to one of these dinners for about two years.                   We drove to Lompoc, … Continue reading »

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Soo Lee

I have some of the most amazingly talented friends… I met Yoonsook (Soo) on our first day of grad school.  She was wearing green silk platform heels with pink flowers, and a cute dress.  I was wearing Doc Martin boots and jeans.  I thought to myself, “wow, this girl has no idea what she just … Continue reading »

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