Limited Means

As a teenager I remember sitting around a booth in a diner for hours… and hours, (almost as much time as we spent driving around aimlessly, that’s another story). At some point we would get board, there is only so much rehashing of small events you can take. Someone would say, “well, what do we … Continue reading »

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Infinite Variety

I have never been a quilter. Now among 30-somethings in Los Angeles this is not unusual. But it is actually a bit of a surprise considering quilting fits right into my skill-set and, to a certain extent, my aesthetic. I spent much of my childhood sewing, mostly clothes, but some home goods, pillows, a dust … Continue reading »

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The Red Line

On April 6, 1992 I was a Freshman in high school. I had never heard of Sarajevo; I had barely heard of Yugoslavia. I don’t remember the 1984 winter Olympics, which (to my recollection) is pretty much the only time the western world had noticed Sarajevo before 1992. Quite honestly, I didn’t follow the breakup … Continue reading »

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Big Cloud

By accident, I saw the moon rise the other evening. It was full moon, enormous and orange. When I was about 10, I remember an older teacher saying to me that the sky is so beautiful that if you could only see it in one place on earth that place would be a huge tourist … Continue reading »

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Creating a World

Noemie Goudal takes photos inside an old barn, or in a basement or in a plain old room, but with a few props and a backdrop she creates a portal to another world. From the artist’s statement: “the journey inside the image will invite the viewer to enter the space as well as entering the … Continue reading »

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The View From the Stage

When I was looking around Fabrice Fouillet’s website yesterday I saw his series of theater photos.  These are seven photos, taken from the stage in beautiful, ornate theaters in Paris. Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens Because of my years designing for theater, this is the view that I usually think about when I think of a particular … Continue reading »

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Nailing Jello to the Wall

I moved to California and started grad school the week before my birthday.  Because I didn’t have any friends yet, I orchestrated my own birthday celebration. Basically, one day in class I announced where and when I would be having dinner and asked/begged people to show up. I figured I couldn’t count on anyone bringing … Continue reading »

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When the Water Glows

I have wanted to swim or canoe in bioluminescent waters since my friends Beth and Kirsten went on a rather less-than-supervised trip in Porto Rico many years ago.  They had a great time, even if they felt abandoned by their group and guide.  It seems so magical.  I love the water anyway, and being surrounded … Continue reading »

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Venice Beach

The first time I went to Venice beach was in 2003.  I am sure to the resident or the careful observer many things have changed.  To the casual observer, it is exactly the same as it was that November day eight years ago. I go back every Jan 6 (Epiphany), and run down the beach … Continue reading »

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Sky and Silhouettes

I grew up in a place where the sky is the scenery.  The land stretches all the way to the horizon in every direction. Maybe because of this, I have always felt comfortable with the barrenness of the sea.  It has always been more important to be able to see lots of sky than to … Continue reading »

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