I do so love to travel to new places, to old places, I really just love getting out of town. Even traveling for business (although that is way less fun). Every time I land at LAX I just want to get back on another plane. It probably doesn’t help that the arrivals areas at LAX … Continue reading »

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5,000 Plates

My favorite part of “The Holiday Season” is sharing food with people you don’t get to see very often. Extended family, your downstairs neighbors, those people who work in the next office… During December our inhibitions are lowered enough that anyone is up for a Christmas cookie or a leftover turkey sandwich… With all those … Continue reading »

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Saturday Sketch

Florida Street is one of the oldest and most important streets in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It started as a footpath up from the river, was the first street to be paved (cobbled) in the city, and since 1971 is a pedestrian zone. I love this sketch by Norberto Dorantes. He managed to capture the feeling … Continue reading »

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Eyes Up

When I travel, one of the best things I do to make myself feel more connected to the local culture is to attend a church service. Sometimes I seek out an English service, but more often I go to a service the local language. That way I get  to worship in a historical building. It … Continue reading »

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Mind the Gap

It sounds like the Olympics this summer are going to be an amazing event. The British do know how to put on a show… While I was looking for photos of the stadium, I came across this proposal for an installation in Trafalgar square. I am almost certain this design was not chosen to be … Continue reading »

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Illuminated Verticals

When I was little the airport was a magical place. My first visit was to pick up my grandma after she visited the Kansas City relatives. I don’t remember my brother being there so I am guessing I was about 3 or 4. We got there early and waited for her at the gate. It … Continue reading »

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Climbing Trees

A few days ago I sat in the park by LACMA reading a book and watching a few kids try to climb a tree. What they lacked in dexterity and experience was made up in enthusiasm. Their parents hovered ’round, arms stretched up, ready to catch or to lend a steadying hand. When I sat … Continue reading »

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A Room of Rainbows

I am fascinated by Victorian glass palaces. This is Palacio de Cristal (the crystal palace) in Madrid, Spain. It is now used as a temporary exhibition space. Artist Kimsooja added iridescent film to every window and mirrors over the floor. Sometimes the simplest effect is the most stunning. all images from Kimsooja’s website

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When Visiting the Museum…

I have been thinking a lot about museum design these days. Museums have the regrettable reputation as cold, almost sinister, places where you will certainly get yelled at by a mean guard if you get too close to anything. This is not entirely unwarranted, (my parents and I had a bad time with an overzealous … Continue reading »

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I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years. For me, that tight feeling your skin gets after being in the pool will always mean summer.  I haven’t swam in years, even just laps at the gym, but seeing the new Olympic Aquatics Centre in London makes me want to start again. That pool looks amazing. … Continue reading »

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