The States

As part of my life list I would like to visit all 50 states + DC. I run into a little bit of a problem when I start to define what “visiting” actually means. Does changing planes in an airport count? What about driving over the state line, taking a photo and turning around? For … Continue reading »

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King’s Cross

I really like train stations, and airports, and highways… I guess I just really like moving, traveling, seeing and going. There is something exciting about being between stops, like being between worlds. It doesn’t seem like real life. I can see why some people never really settle down, being on the move is so much … Continue reading »

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Mass and Flare

During my study abroad semester, I had a 10 day break in November. I ended up traveling to London with several people who were in my program, but I didn’t know very well. We made the travel arrangements together (actually one of them did and I blindly trusted her to do a good job, it … Continue reading »

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Living Bridges

In the wilds of northeastern India, a small group of people have found an ingenious way to keep their bridges from washing away during the monsoon season.  The bridges are not built, but grown, by training tree roots over the rivers. It takes quite a bit longer to make a bridge this way (10 to … Continue reading »

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Gothic Light

My interest in Gothic Architecture kind of snuck up on me. At its worst it is dark and scary and cold. At its best it is light and heavenly. My heart soars when I am standing under a vaulted apse hundreds of feet tall, when the stone seems lighter than cobwebs. Intricate tracery and gigantic … Continue reading »

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ArcelorMittal Orbit

I have written about my admiration for Anish Kapoor before, and he just keeps making awesome art. In London right now, he is installing a gigantic, red, steel sculpture commissioned by the London Summer Olympics.  From the press release: “The breathtaking sculpture – thought to be the tallest in the UK – will consist of … Continue reading »

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When the Water Glows

I have wanted to swim or canoe in bioluminescent waters since my friends Beth and Kirsten went on a rather less-than-supervised trip in Porto Rico many years ago.  They had a great time, even if they felt abandoned by their group and guide.  It seems so magical.  I love the water anyway, and being surrounded … Continue reading »

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Ghosts of Memories

“We travel, we see a monument, and we take a picture. But, we are millions who travel, millions who see this monument, and millions who take the same picture.” Corinne Vionnet is the Swiss/French artist responsible for these painterly photos of famous landmarks.  She calls the collection “Photo Opportunities.” When we travel we all take … Continue reading »

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Underground in Sweden

Underground trains have always seemed exotic to me, small town midwestern girl that I am.  I was 17 the first time I rode on one (the metro in Washington DC).  Since then, I have traveled quite a bit and have taken public transportation all over Europe.  However, I have never been to Stockholm.  It has … Continue reading »

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Iced Over

40 times since 1142 the Thames river in has frozen solid.  Starting with the freeze in 1608 Londoners began throwing an impromptu fair on the river – The Frost Fair. The river was much wider and slower before the modern embankments, and the old London Bridge acted as a partial dam because the piers were … Continue reading »

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