Life List

A few years ago I wrote down a life list.  It is an ever changing and growing document.  Some things that I thought were important a few years ago are not so important now.  I have removed a few things – and crossed off a few things. Some things are slowly happening (like #53 and #26).

As part of attending Camp Mighty this November I am publishing it.  In no particular order these are things I want to do in my lifetime:

  1. Write my memory journal for my brother
  2. Own a house in Croatia
  3. Fall madly hopelessly in love
  4. Make every space (house, apartment, trailer, what have you) I live in beautiful
  5. Do the Apartment Therapy 8 week home cleanse
  6. Drive up the coast on highway 1 from LA to Vancouver
  7. Sail from Istanbul to Venice stopping all along the way in the Greek and Croatian islands
  8. Witness a really spectacular display of the northern lights
  9. Fly a helicopter
  10. Adopt a child
  11. Raft down the grand canyon
  12. Ride a zip line through the trees
  13. Learn the lyrics to “99 Luftballons”
  14. Bake a delicious cake for my wedding
  15. Tell a story at The Moth
  16. Hike to Machu Picchu
  17. Visit the six inhabited continents
  18. Visit all 50 states + DC states so far
  19. Visit 50 foreign countries
  20. Have at least one picnic (with local wine if possible) in each country visited
  21. Swim with bioluminescent plankton
  22. Road trip through the US, in the spring, using only 2 lane highways
  23. Experience weightlessness
  24. Read (and list) 40 books a year – every year the books 2011
  25. Read all of Entertainment Weekly‘s New Classics
  26. See all of AFI’s 100 years, 100 movies and all of Rodger Ebert’s 102 movies you must see (there is some overlap)
  27. Take Swing dance lessons with someone I love
  28. Host extravagant parties – at least one a year – hopefully they will steadily get more extravagant
  29. Skydive
  30. Make a denim rag rug using all the old jeans from my family
  31. Hang a really huge map and pin all the places I’ve been, make it a tradition when I return from a trip to pin it
  32. Restore a classic convertible
  33. Spend a weekend at a luxury spa with my mom
  34. Get the family tattoo
  35. Learn to Surf
  36. Buy and restore a historic building
  37. Walk on the great wall of China
  38. Hike along the Swiss Alps sleeping in huts
  39. Make and give thoughtful things to people I love
  40. Learn to speak another language
  41. Plant 100 trees in places where trees are needed
  42. Home can apricots and freeze peaches with my mom in as many Augusts as possible
  43. Live in a house with a wrap-around front porch and a porch swing
  44. Scan and organize the family photos
  45. Fund an annual (full ride) scholarship for a girl from my hometown going to a women’s college
  46. Run the Bolder Boulder in under 60 minutes
  47. Learn how to drive a stick shift car – in LA traffic
  48. Go to an “Outstanding in the Field” Dinner  June 2011
  49. Write a play or a screenplay
  50. Spend the night in a tree house (glamping)
  51. Take a vacation on a whim, without packing, with no notice, pick a destination by buying tickets on the first available flight once at the airport
  52.  Walk Hadrian’s Wall with my Dad
  53. Cook all the recipes in a The Silver Palate Cookbook (Michael McLaughlin!)
  54. Production design a movie or TV show set in a time period earlier than 1950
  55. Visit all the museums in LA County
  56. Volunteer at a homeless shelter every week for a year (teaching reading?)
  57. Host a dinner party under trees (orchard?) strung with party lights
  58. Float in the Dead Sea
  59. Host a dinner party every other week for 3 months
  60. Have at least one adventure every year
  61. Be debt free
  62. Go on a journey with my best friend (just the two of us)
  63. Live in a house with gardens (vegetable and flower) on all sides – no grass
  64. Live in another country for at least a year
  65. Throw a midsummer night’s eve party
  66. Have dinner at the French Laundry
  67. Watch fireworks explode over the water from a boat
  68. Learn glassblowing and make a set of bowls (or glasses, or plates, or whatever)
  69. Skinny dip in the ocean
  70. Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina with someone I love
  71. Donate half of my closet to charity all at one time
  72. Develop passive income streams
  73. Bungee jump in Switzerland
  74. Do Tracy Anderson’s 30 day method (for oh, say, 30 days)
  75. Have a beer in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  76. Send three surprise care packages to three former foster children who are in college
  77. Have my hands and feet decorated with henna tattoos
  78. Be a guest or visiting artist at a college
  79. Eat at every restaurant on Melrose – in order

4 Responses to Life List

  1. alison wisdom

    Sarah, I love this list. As a fellow participant at Camp Mighty and a list maker myself, I believe that I may be forced to borrow # 5 and #31. Also, I have to confess I’m very curious about this family tattoo…

  2. Bruce Palmrose

    Dear Sarah,
    I’d love to walk Hadrian’s Wall with you! We’ll talk about it over Christmas.

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